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Wheelchair Trailers The Villages

The FREEDOM Trailer is the ferrari of scooter trailers, built to haul a scooter or power wheel chair safely and affordably. Made in the USA, it comes in 2 sizes, the FREEDOM Trailer Standard and the FREEDOM Trailer XL. Both come in bland and chrome and are rugged enough to be the only trailer you'll even need to buy. The optional spare tire and wheel make for a great addition..

The FREEDOM Trailer only requires a class 1 hitch (class II or III hitches also work) and has plenty of towing capacity for the biggest of mobility devices It weighs a total of 235 lbs., and only places 25 - 65 lbs. directly onto your tow vehicle's trailer hitch. 

When the tailgate is in the lowered position, it requires lifting only ten pounds (which is less than most mobility vans equipped with spring assisted side loading ramps).

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