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Welcome to freedom trailers...we build trailers for power chairs and scooters for the disabled my name is Robin Russell and our goal at freedom trailers is to give you back the freedom that you once had!

This is not a computer generated speech! which you can the person that you will talk to when you one else just me..I'll answer every question you may have, and you may call me or i can call you as many times as you need... we'll visit till every question you have is matter how many times it takes its my pleasure. 

We've been building products and selling direct to the public for over 23 years now. We dont want to be that BIG COMPANY and in fact some of the products that we have built in the past out grew us , so we sold off those product lines to other bigger companies. to sell as their own..such as mini trailer USA and EZ carrier..both still manufacturing and selling the same products. 

All of the products have been built with our own designs..and now some of them are being built over seas and sold back here to the US.

As a small company we have very few employees, so the products are defiantly hand BUILT ..but thats not to say they look hand made...we are skilled.

We've taken the time to make sure our products will last for years to come with no issues in craftsmanship. our 5 year warranty reflects as such.

Look around the site and get your questions ready when for when we get to chat, I can point out details in the pictures that you might not have notice. We also can discuss the manufacturing process and the materials and components we use to produce each trailer.

We've built in 225.00 in the FREEE shipping price but sometimes its a bit more and that's why it says area restriction apply, but i can find out the exact amount with a few questions and your zip code but very few times have the cost been more than the FREE.

If your worried about the assembly process its very simple not near as hard as you may think. (5) 1/2 x 20 lug nuts each wheel, (2) 3/8 bolts for the tongue and (3) 5/16 bolts for the storage box and thats it, check your air pressures and your ready to roll.

I will not pressure you to buy or try to convince you that ours is the best for you, but instead give you the facts and the details and let you make that desicion on your own!..because it is... your life your money and your freedom.

So please allow me a few minutes of your time on the phone and allow us to get you back the freedom you deserve.

The phone call and the chat cost nothing and you might be surprised and delighted at what you learn so.

Please call 918-323-0213 or email me with your number and I'll be more than happy to get in contact with you.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to speaking with you.

Have a great day!