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Freedom Wheelchair Trailer

Retirement Living and a Mobility Trailer for your needs

Tips for a Wise Buyer

If you’ve decided that an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is needed to improve your mobility and help you live a more active lifestyle, it’s best to know the facts about its transportation before buying.

With today's smaller vehicles and larger chairs, the need for getting it there sometimes runs in to problems. When your vehicle is not large enough preventing the use of a lift or a ramp style carrier you have two choices:

  • either buy a different vehicle, or
  • purchase a trailer

Purchasing a wheelchair trailer is buy far the lesser of the two in cost. It is important to understand that,  not just any trailer will work. The electronics in these chairs are made to withstand the bumpy ride that a regular utility or lawn trailer will give. You need a cushioned ride of a trailer with independent rubber axles.These axles act like shocks,  only better as the trailer hits a rough spot in the road the rubber in the axles takes the shock and bounce away from whatever your hauling. If the trailers axles are rated too low for the weight then they will fail as time goes on. If they are rated to high then the ride will be to stiff and you'll get a bounce. When the axles are rated to the weight range as to what your hauling the ride will be much more smooth with less chance of damage to to your valuable powered wheelchair or mobility scooter.

At we build the trailer to suit the weight of your needs. That way, you get the best ride for your powered wheelchiar or mobility scooter. We take pride in giving you what it takes for your powered wheelchair or mobility scooter that gives you independent mobility and freedom.