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Freedom Scooter Trailer for Wheelchair Mobility Transport Needs

Freedom Wheelchair Scooter Trailer


Why Freedom Wheelchair Trailer?

Freedom Wheelchair Scooter Trailer was designed to help people take their mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs with them. Todays smaller vehicles are not capable of carrying many of the heavy mobility devices. The hitch receiver will not support the weight and there is not enough room inside the vehicle. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Scooter Trailer allows you to carry any mobility device with even the smallest of vehicles.  If there is a trailer hitch available for whatever vehicle you wish to tow with, whether it's a sub-compact, full size, or SUV, it is capable of towing the trailer. (Remember! The trailer only places 25 - 60 lbs. directly onto your vehicle's trailer hitch.) ANY class one trailer hitch on ANY vehicle is enough hitch!


The Freedom Wheelchair Scooter Trailer is equipped with high speed tires, wheels, and bearings. Also, the tire rating is a considerably higher capacity than is required. And, best of all, the trailer's unique design, it will never allow itself to sway behind any vehicle, at any speed, at anytime.