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Wheelchair Scooter Carrier for Golf Cart

Wheelchair Scooter Carrier for Golf Cart

Freedom Trailer for Powered Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter can be towed by any vehicle, motorcycle, Smart Car, or Golf Cart.
WE CAN HELP..  (video speech)

WE CAN HELP.. (video speech)


Welcome to freedom trailers...we build trailers for power chairs and scooters for the disabled my name is Robin Russell and our goal at freedom trailers is to give you back the freedom that you once had!

"The Beginning"

"The Beginning"

The beginning of FREEDOM trailers...
In 2014 GLF was building pull behind motorcycle cargo trailers, tailored for motorcycles. We had built over a thousand of them, but we sold that line to someone else, after having several trike riders come to us and say "WE NEED MORE FREEDOM" 


Robin Russell


Dear Robin,

I just wanted to thank you for delivering my new mobility trailer for my wife’s power wheel chair. We are extremely happy with the workmanship and sturdy look of the trailer. It is apparent that these do not come off of an assembly line by the professional look and design. Every time we take the trailer out we get a lot of compliments from people using wheelchairs and motorbikes. I do not hesitate on giving you a 5 Star rating for this trailer. I would highly recommend anyone in the market to shop your business first and I’m sure it will be there last stop. Thank you again for the outstanding customer service.


Sonny Hurtado



Robin gave us the best service we've had in years on a purchase this size.

We would highly recommend this trailer, it arrived safe and on time as promised.

As she said easy assembly, our grandson did it in 30 min. My power chair fit perfect on floor and with easy. The storage box is a wonderful addition to the setup.

We purchased the spare tire and mounting bracket with it and the entire trailer looks very nice behind my wife's car.

Pulls fabulous we don't even know its back there.

All and all my wife and I give the FREEDOM and the service both 5 stars!

Thank you very much for such a fine product!

Marvin Stapleton

Marvin Stapleton

I recently purchased a Freedom Trailer for my 4 wheel mobility scoter.  I wanted to take some time to thoroughly test my new trailer to see if it worth the money.  I am happy to report that it is an excellent product that is extremely well made.  I found that my little Jeep Cherokee could very easily pull the loaded trailer and the only problem I had was forgetting that I had a trailer attached to my car.  I have an extremely bad back and can barely walk but I found that hooking up the Freedom Trailer was very easy.  Unlike some others, the tires are excellent and large enough for freeway driving.  

Hooking up the trailer to the vehicle takes about 4 minutes or less.  I had a brand new scooter lift that used the class III hitch but it scared the heck out of me when I attempted to turn a corner at anything over crawling speed.  My whole car felt like it was going to roll and, because of the weight on the hitch, my steering felt light.  When I switched to the Freedom trailer, my car behaved normally and my biggest problem was forgetting that I even had a trailer attached.

It is not only east to attach/detach the trailer, loading and unloading the mobility scooter couldn’t be easier or faster.  From stopping in a parking place to unloading and driving away with the scooter is no more than 5 minutes.

You can see the picture of my mobility scooter, just after I unloaded it, at a giant outdoor sale.  Because of the huge crowds, I had to park ½ mile from the events but had no problems with getting around the whole afternoon. The great, watertight lockbox proved a real asset and held al kinds of extras for the scooter and trailer.  When I was done for the day and re-loading my scooter, I was stopped by several passing shoppers that complimented me on the looks of the Freedom Trailer and asked where they could get one.

When I decided to order my trailer I dealt directly with Robin who not only answered all my questions, but offered to help with some paperwork mistakes I made by being careless and throwing out one of the documents she sent with my order.  The problem was quickly corrected and I can’t describe how happy I am with the trailer and Robin.


W. Alton

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