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Quality Wheelchair Carrier Trailers

Get the Strength of a Steel Chassis and Only Add 6 Pounds!

Grand Lake Fabrication was started in 1995 and has been custom powder coating and fabricating a variety of products over the years. We fabricate our products in our home-based shop, for 12 years we built handy-cap products lifts and carriers, we were approached by a another company and sold the handy-cap line to them. (E-Z Carrier)

We have been building Motorcycle products for 17 years, a MC Carrier for towing with RV’s and trucks, ramp style carrier for Motorcycles and a one person elevator for RV’s.

Along with our motorcycle trailer line which consist of cargo trailers in several sizes, and a tilt master motorcycle trailer made to haul a motorcycle we now build a trailer to haul a powerchair or wheelchair we are also building a aluminum dog crate for our four legged friends to go on the ride.

Our Construction:

Our Trailer Chassis are made of steel instead of aluminum. The weight difference between aluminum and steel is 6 pounds ... for which our trailers are well balanced ... so the steel adds nothing to the tongue weight! The use of steel adds strength and stability to the trailer. Steel is preferred over aluminum because of stress fractures. A stress fracture comes from the heat of the weld in which the metal has rough treatment, such as our great US highways, which will cause a break in the tube near the weld ... called a stress fracture. Using steel takes away the stress and provides no breaking!

Our Trailer boxes:

Our cargo boxes start off as a single flat piece of aluminum, and then the sides are bent 90 degrees giving the box its shape. The back is bent with a 1/2 in lip that goes towards the inside, and once slipped into place the bottom and sides are continuous (seam) welded from the outside along with stitch welding the 1/2 in lip inside. Once the lid is attached we add a stainless steel latch, and a automotive type seal is used to make a nice water tight seal. Finally we trim the corners doubling the thickness of the material, not only giving it a more finished look, but substantially increasing its strength.

Our suspension:

Our Tires and wheels are rated for 85 MPH. and are 6 ply instead of the 4 ply typical of the industry, the axles are independent to give a better ride, cooler rack and 5-spoke aluminum wheels dress it out to make it look very stylish, all of which are standard.

Wheelchair Carrier Trailers


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